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Wife Saves Stubborn Husband from Heart Attack

Posted on May 9, 2016 in Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

If there’s one thing 57-year-old Eddie McMillan of Knoxville has learned in the last year, it’s not to argue with his wife, Teresa, in the middle of the night.

Last June, McMillan had been having shortness of breath for about a month. He made an appointment with Knoxville Heart Group cardiologist Dr. Daniel Slutzker for a heart catheterization, a procedure to diagnose blockages in the heart. But the night before the scheduled appointment, McMillan’s shortness of breath got so bad he couldn’t sleep.

McMillan arrived at the emergency room at Fort Sanders in the middle of the night and doctors began assessing his heart. “From then on, I don’t remember much,” he says. That’s because cardiologists Dr. Ayers and Dr. Daniel Slutzker along with cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Lacy Harville determined McMillan needed four coronary artery bypasses.

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