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Quick Medical Action Helps Knoxville Man Survive Heart Attack

Posted on May 9, 2016 in Heart Attack

One day last summer, 60-year-old Charlie Morgan enjoyed a hearty lunch with the Knoxville Quarterback
Club at a local restaurant. He is used to sharing a steak with fellow UT Vols fans and serves on the boards of both the Quarterback Club and the Big Orange Club. But that afternoon, Morgan began to feel a heaviness in his chest.

“I thought it was heartburn, and I was sweating,” Morgan remembers. Sitting at his computer in his office at the Gray Hodges Corporation, where he is president, Morgan did a quick Internet search of his symptoms. “It said ‘heart attack,’ and I thought, ‘I’ve got a problem,’ ” says Morgan. “I called my wife and told her she had to take me to the hospital.”

Read the full story of how the cardiologists at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center helped save Charlie Morgan’s life.